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The most common reason customer will have their floors ground flat, is because a floor with significant lippage is unsightly. Especially at certain times of the day when the sun shines across the floor and casts shadows that look like soil lines. If you have a floor that is difficult to clean, has deep grout lines, you trip across some tiles, you may want to get an estimate to have your floor ground flat. This is a process that is done once in the life a stone floor.
This Homeowner in Magnolia Plantation was disappointed when she had her travertine installed and it was left with so much lippage, or uneven tile heights. They would sometimes trip over some of the worst lippage. Clean Image was able to grind the entire floor flat and finish to a hi-hone finish. You can see from the close up, that after a grind and fill process, the grout lines are near flush with travertine, this make cleaning much easier, and will help control those dreaded dirty grout lines that are difficult to clean because they are so recessed.
This Home owner had difficulty with all the travertine holes being recessed and collecting dirt. CIO was able to grind the floor flat and fill the entire floor so as the holes were now filled to near flush with the travertine surface.
Another advantage of grinding your floor flat is the grout lines are now flush with the stone. So it will make future cleaning much as easier as grout typically is the lowest point on floors and that were all the soils like to accumulate. With flush grout lines your vacuuming and cleaning is much more effective.
Even though this was a hi-hone finish and not a hi-polish, when the customer walked up to the front door, she thought the floor was wet. I think this was more because the floor was not flat, and resulted in a consistent natural shine rather than individual tiles sticking out of the floor.
Sometimes grinding is completed not only to remove any tile lippage and make the floor flat, but to also remove any surface staining like rust or such that is in the surface of the stone.

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