What is Diamond Honing?

Diamond honing is the foundation for the majority of stone finishes. A stone with excellent clarity basically means it is free from surface scratches, and provides the longest wearing finish, and the best end results. It does the “heavy lifting” by removing scratches, wear, and etching and smooths the stone to the point where the stone is so smooth, it exhibits excellent clarity. The last step is then usually a hi-polish, hi-hone or a low-hone. Or if you are going with a low-hone finish, you would stop your sequence before you started to get to much natural shine from your clarity. The other process used is antiquing brushes that are used to create a leathered, brushed, or river washed finish. These diamond embedded brush erode out the softer minerals in stone to give it that textured finish.
Diamond honing is the use of diamond abrasives to hone, or file down the surface of the stone. The goal of this process is to remove surface damage such as etching, scratches or general wear and tear. Water is used as a lubricant for the diamonds, so the white “stuff” you see on the floor is stone slurry, a combination of water and the stone itself. The main stone machine we use is an Italian Klindex, which is very heavy, ranging between 175# and 300# depending on the situation, and connected to a planetary attachment then further speeds up the process. Clean Image of Orlando’s skilled technicians are able to control this machine as such as not to cause any damage. The first picture shows a balcony job where the railing was removed and we were hanging the machine over the edge, that is called control.
As you can most surfaces protected during this process with plastic. We also have different stone machines available depending on the size of the area we are servicing.

The picture on the right picture shows a Mono Stone machine. This is often used in smaller areas. This machine also usually takes 3 times longer to produce the same result as the klindex

Smaller hand machines and special plates for the Mono machine above also allow us to go service tight areas and stairs.
Here we I have taken a picture of our most aggressive grinding plates, three- 30 grit metal plates. In the background you will see 7 stacks of 3-inch resin diamond discs ranging from 50-grit all the way up to 3500-grit. The lower the grit, the more aggressive a particular diamond will “cut”. Not picture, which we also use are metal sintered diamonds, electroplated diamonds and hybrid diamonds, as well as fiber diamonds. So it all depends on the task at hand and the desired end result we are looking for as to which diamonds are used.

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